Samantha Echo was born in the made-up place with poison skies–New York City, to you mortals. She was reincarnated from an Ancient Greek Mountain Fairy.

She is a hub of gauzy snark and a fallen disney heroine with a foul mouth, a soprano, and quite possibly the millennium’s worst case of arrested development. She has lots of feelings. She can be described as a cross between Kate Bush and Amanda Palmer or exactly like Leonard Cohen if he went to a parallel universe where a Disney Princess version of him existed. 

Echo’s adapted surname is derived from the Greek Mythological who got her voice taken away from her. She likes to think of her work as children’s music for adults; the songs of a consummate outcast seeking redemption and dignity through humor and escapism and nostalgia. She has been described as a “gay icon” (Liam Lyon, singer-songwriter), a “doll-faced illusionist” (Jody Borhani, visual artist),  and “a Salvador Dali of sound, challenging and disrupting perspective” (Heather Jacks, author of The Noise Beneath the Apple).