is a nervous clown with a nerdy soul...

he wears glasses thick as a window pane and his hands are cold

he knows a lot of big words, but he

doesn't know any sentences;

he couldn't love me if he studied me,

oh no..

Wednesday Guy makes me feel like I'm in New York again..

takes me back to my younger days before boys were men...

he's got a smile that cuts through his face

like a gash in his


it's a smile he gives to everyone

not just me...

I see him on Wednesday night when the week is at its height

right at the center but not quite all there

a world behind his eyes through a tiny crack that lies between the

other days; I fall through right away

Wednesday Guy says he's not a guy but a hologram

A projection from all the pretty dreams of an ugly man...

he says the day that his father died was like the 

day that his life began

he'll never love me like he hates that man, oh no...

He likes to starve himself until he's frail and

skinny as a marionette

as thin as real men get

plenty of girls would like to bring him back to life

but when he slouches in 

he's got no strings on him

Wednesday Guy is awake all night like the city is

decorating his walls with al his

prescription slips

I am a twig that he stumbled on 

with his clumsy little pidgeon toe 

he'll never love me like he loves

himself oh no







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